To: Manish Kumar Singh – Global Head of Marketing

Special offer for Philips

From: Anke van Eck // Thuiswerk Academie – Amsterdam 21 february 2023

Dear Manish and team,

In these turbulent times it is important for Philips to keep employees engaged. To keep them motivated and help them with their agility and personal wellbeing. Hybrid working is still a new way of working: people need to improve their home office with the budget they get of Philips ánd learn how to work productively with more ease and fun.

Designing the optimal hybrid workweek is the way to go.

I am very pleased to hear that Philips recognizes people need time and new perspectives about working from home. Therefor I am very much looking forward to start teaching and coaching your employees and empower them with my proven approach.

This program is not only for creating an individual best workplace, it is also the best possible way to have the conversation in the team about hybrid working and make agreements for that whole team.


In this video I explain what happens when people become more aware of the possibilities. When taking time, learning new ways of looking at interior and use their personal creation power (yes, everybody has this super power) to realise a space that works for them as an individual. The physical result & the learning process are magical! Go watch >>>

I empower you to create your true home office.

What you as an employer need for those employees is facilitating in guidance for creating their optimal home office and healthy succes routiness for a succesfull workday at home.

Fully facilitating working from home and offering employees a ‘Best Workplace’: that is what you have to do as an organization to stay a top employer and successful in business. 

vrolijke werknemer thuis

My solution for you: "My home office is my canvas"

In this program employees will be empowered to create their optimal and authentic home office with an easy to follow step-by-step plan. In this online program, participants receive:

icoon online leeromgeving
icoon Q A coaching

At the end of this program your employees have:



A home office that is tailored to the various activities so that the employee can function optimally mentally, and therefor work from home with ease & joy. Hybrid working is thus integrated across all workplaces (office & home office).


home office opitmized

ARBO proof computer workstation installed AND workplace that stimulates alternating working postures so that the employee can also function optimally physically. This leads to a lower absenteeism among the employees and more individual work happiness.



Personal and professional appearance in video meetings, both internally with colleagues and externally to customers, cooperation partners and  suppliers. And above all, the ultimate home office that meets the individual needs of the employee and the possibilities of the available space.



Knowledge and confidence to apply this process again and again, useful if the employee changes positions and therefore the work also changes.
And yes, this method can also be applied to other rooms in the house, so extra karma points earned for good employer ship.

Let's start! "My home office is my canvas"

My suggestion for Phlips is to start a pilot with a small group of Dutch speaking employees (up to 250 participants) as my program is made in Dutch. In this way you can experience and measure what the result is of this program and help employees to spend their home office budget well.

The proposal is a minimal commitment of € 20.000,- via one direct invoice to Philips. With just 1 click employees can get their ticket for the program “My home office is my Canvas”.


Looking forward to speak with you about the next steps.

With kind regards, 

Anke van Eck (Msc.)

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